Tickets …

You don’t need to be a member of the Dunfermline Arts Guild to enjoy any of our concerts – you’ll be made most welcome, and all you have to do is to  turn up and pay  £11 for your evening’s entertainment. [If you have the good fortune to be under-18, then your ticket will cost you just a nominal £1]

For those paying at the door, there are  all the usual options for paying: cash; cheque; contact-less card (up to £30);  chip-and-pin card. Or you can buy tickets in advance through the Carnegie Hall Box Office (contact details at   this link).

For next season, bear in mind that a season ticket will enable you to enjoy six concerts for little more than the price of four. This isn’t just a saving of money, but it can broaden your musical horizons  …  take a look on the   Concerts page at the wide variety of music that’s on offer – many have found that there have been concerts when they’ve only turned out because they had a season ticket, but afterwards been glad they did, having been surprised and delighted to discover something new, exciting and different.