Welcome to the 2019–20 season of concerts – LIVE Music on Sundays in Dunfermline – promoted by Dunfermline Arts Guild.

For fifty years we have provided opportunities for members to enjoy live music in an intimate setting that allows the audience to hear the music close-up and to interact with the artists. Those taking part are all professional musicians, many of whom are on the threshold of what will be glittering careers – you heard them first in Dunfermline!  

Come for the season  

The music you will hear is ‘chamber music’ in its widest sense, so in the course of the season you are sure to find lots to enjoy, whether you warm to the sound of brass or woodwind, tap along to the syncopated rhythms of jazz, or prefer the more cerebral delights of a string ensemble. We welcome everybody to dip into our programme by coming to just those concerts that appeal.

 However, those who have been members for some time will be the first to acknowledge that there have been concerts when only having bought a season ticket has encouraged them to attend. Afterwards they were pleased they had made the effort to turn out, having been surprised and delighted to discover something new, exciting and different.   

Six superb live concerts for just £45! 

This season we had a fantastic value offer – for just £45, little more than the price of four concerts, season ticket holders could enjoy six concerts. Membership of the Arts Guild, allowing participation in the running of our organisation, came free with the season ticket.

As we are half-way through the season the offer won’t help you now. But watch out for something similar next season!

Information on tickets

Concert 1


13 October 2019

Fergus McCreadie