Coronavirus pointers – for everyone’s safety

Before you come

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive, please do not attend this concert!

Viewfield has background heating, but doors will be kept open to improve ventilation, so it is always advisable to wear an extra layer that can be removed if you are too hot.

If you will need water to drink during the concert, it would be best for you to bring it with you in a non-spillable container.

When you arrive

Please sanitise your hands – sanitiser dispensers are available at both entrances.

Please be sensitive to other concert-goers, who may be more risk-averse than you are.

Unless you are medically exempt, please wear a face covering at all times.

Soon after arrival you will be asked for contact details as part of our Test and Protect requirement, which is one reason why we ask you to pre-book if at all possible. [Your information will be kept for 21 days, and then destroyed]

While there are currently no social distancing requirements, we will aim to place chairs so that households are 1 metre apart – another reason why it’s helpful if you pre-book – and suggest that you keep at a distance from others when moving around.

During and after the concert

Note that there will be a ten-minute interval between the two halves of the concert, but we expect not to be able to provide our usual refreshments.

You will find toilets at the top of the entrance staircase (disabled and ladies) and the bottom of the staircase (men).

Please collect your complimentary programme at the door, and take it away after the concert.

Should you test positive soon after the concert, please let our Secretary, Morag Hawkins, know (email or phone/text 07764 603247 ) .