Welcome to what we hope will be a 2021–22 season of concerts – LIVE Music on Sundays in Dunfermline – promoted by Dunfermline Arts Guild. For fifty years, until COVID-19 hit, we provided opportunities for members to enjoy live music in an intimate setting that allowed the audience to hear the music close-up and to interact with the artists. Those taking part are all professional musicians, many of whom are on the threshold of what will be glittering careers – you heard them first in Dunfermline!

The disruption caused by the pandemic means that we’re having to take small steps towards our normal six-concert autumn/winter series. At the moment we have just one concert planned, though we are hoping to pull together a mini-programme of concerts for next spring. We’re in a different venue, and we’ll have to wear face coverings, but we’ll still be enjoying LIVE MUSIC! Do come and join us …

Concert 1


14 November 2021

GAIA Violin and Cello duo